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On-Site Sales Classes
Influencing Decisions is comprised of two major components: ID Presentation and ID Process. Additionally, Influencing Decisions offers three add-on components: ID Writing, ID ROI, and ID Team. Each component is a stand-alone item or may be combined.

ID Presentation is a 9-hour interactive presentation of the Influencing Decisions principles covering all concepts within the complex sales cycle. We have presented this class to over 2500 salespeople worldwide. It is a fantastic motivational tool and an excellent foundation to build a sales effort upon. The iD Sales Training is presented in Two, five-hour blocks of time.

ID Process is a 10-day detail workshop implementing a methodical step by step plan replete with customized forms and an interactive computer model outlining each step in your sales cycle. By working with members of your staff, we will model your Lead Management process, develop a Telephone Script, refine Selling Questions and provide a Strategic Guide. Additionally, you will receive a customized "Challenge Analysis" for your staff to use as a forecasting tool to report sales projections in a consistent method. These forms and techniques become a part of your customized interactive "ID Process Model" that each member of your sales staff will receive in an interactive CD. We will role-play each of these principles and develop Pain Processing techniques to arm your sales people to Win Business that is profitable for both the customer and your organization.

ID Writing is a 3-hour interactive workshop on effective sales correspondences for the variety of selling situations with-in Influencing Decisions' model. We address introduction, getting appointments, follow-up, cover letters, proposals, reinforcement, and trap & stake.

ID ROI is a developmental exercise to determine the most common cost justifications your product offers. The final product is a software solution. You and your customer answer the capital and/or reduction of cost questions. Then your ID ROI produces graphs projecting changes in assets, net sales and gross profit.

ID Team is a variety of Team Building exercises that emphasizes working as a team to achieve a common goal. Learning new skills together and solving problems that can only be solved as a team. The environments are sailboat racing or sailboat cruising. At the end of the session, we have a recap of what was effective communication between each individual.
On-Site Sales Class
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